Legendary Focus: [Ai]

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Legendary Focus: [Ai]

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In the Battle Of Gettysburg, military scientists smuggled a previously deceased Burlesque dancer into a lab & worked on her for 150 years. The goal: to create a being who would be too hot to handle. The result: [Ai] (really known as Carmen Lugo, currently residing in New Jersey)! There are also rumors circulating that she's a 24-year old (more or less) Hispanic born in New York City, but that's only what the man wants you to believe (LOL). Presently, [Ai] works as a performer, singer, & dance instructor who has experience in multiple interpretations. She is also a former TAKII Show Champion (from TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~) & cosplay masquerade winner. [Ai] is also known for her comedic & artful portrayl of Mie as 1/2 of the J-Pop Retro group, Pink Lady (in both TAKII 4 ~Rhythm D-Generation X-Treme~ & TAKII 5 ~Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis)~). At recent TAKII appearances (like at TAKII 16 ~Cho-ho-ho-cobo~), she took TAKII fanatics through a candid exploration of what it really means to love & earned everyone's continued adoration & respect as a result. Returning for TAKII 17, she will be 1 of our featured performers for the "Makenai Benefit Concert", promising an exhibition of vocal excellence that is sure to be 1 that no one will forget!
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