Legendary Focus: HadoukenChicken!

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Legendary Focus: HadoukenChicken!

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The legend of HadoukenChicken! is a story that is known by few & told by even fewer. In the underbelly of a local dining hall, an assassin was contracted to eliminate his target: a savage wolf that terrorized a local eatery. Armed with nothing more than a handful of chocobo nuggets, the assassin waged war against his rival, only to be stopped by a hollow & a red haired echidna. The duo proposed an offer of epic proportions to the 2 rivals: drop their fruitless skirmish & join them in the epic quest to scour the world with them for treasure & monster hunting. The 2 agreed & with the addition of a cat-human, a camera-wielding gladiator, & a sensei of the industrial arts, the posse was blessed with the name given to them by the gods of music: HadoukenChicken!!

Premiering at TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~ & now rocking out with us at TAKII 17 ~Densetsu~, HadoukenChicken! has made it their life's goal to spread their message the only way they know how: playing loud & rocking out! Using air instruments gifted to them by the gods, they bring the energy of Japanese Rock music & the randomness that only the most hardcore otaku can withstand. Expect the unexpected! Be prepared to lose control!! Bring a lunch because you probably will get hungry!!! The wheels of fate are turning once HadoukenChicken! storms the stage!!!!!
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