The Road To TAKII: How To Get Here


The Road To TAKII: How To Get Here

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This thread is a comprehensive guide of directions so you can get to TAKII. We want you to get here as easily as possible. So with no further ado, let's hit the road to TAKII!

Looking To Get To TAKII?
There's a few ways to get here & we're gonna show you all of them. Before we do so, we'll tell you where "there" is. TAKII is located at The Rotunda, which in turn is located next to the Bridge Cinema complex. The Rotunda is a half block down from the intersection of 40th Street & Walnut Street. If you're looking for an address, it's 4014 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104. Google map this address, and the place-marker is literally in front of The Rotunda so it'd be extremely hard to miss us. For you tech geeks out there,using Google Maps' "Satellite View" will allow for you to scope the surroundings before you even arrive. Get it? Got it? Good!!

Pounding The Pavement
Hey, it's free! And it doesn't cost you $4.05 a gallon. Sure it takes effort, but walking to TAKII is possible. While it's not advised to walk across the entire city of Philadelphia, if you live within 2 miles, it's about a 30- 45 minute walk at a slow pace. Market Street is 4 blocks north of Walnut. University Avenue is 2 blocks east of 40th Street. A Google Map search of the address above will show you where these streets are. Orient yourself accordingly. Remember that heading west, the street numbers go up. The opposite is true when going east. Heading north, you will encounter the bigger streets: Chestnut, then Market. Heading south, you will hit Spruce & then Baltimore Avenue. Remember this sequence of streets & you'll be able to easily walk to TAKII.

Pumpin' The Pedals
Biking to TAKII is also a possibility, but be advised, bike racks are on limited supply. Currently there is at least ONE bike rack located near the side entrance. There is also a second bike rack toward the front entrance. Be advised that due to limited space, BIKES ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE ROTUNDA. Please lock your bike on the bike rack provided. TAKII is not responsible for unsecured or unattended bikes. Have a STURDY lock and/or cable for your bike. TAKII does not have bike locks or cables. Furthermore it IS possible to have your bike impounded if it's found to be blocking traffic (pedestrian, or vehicle), or locked up in at an unapproved location (ie: too close to a fire hydrant, AT a hydrant, or any place the property owner has a beef with bikes). Use the same directions for walking or taking public transportation to get to TAKII on bike. Just remember to bike safely to and from the festival!

Jamming To The Beat Of Public Transportation
SEPTA offers a few ways to get to 40th & Walnut. Your exact costs will vary, depending on whether you have a Transpass, or have to use tokens & money. Base fare for SEPTA is $2.00, a token, or Weekly/Monthly Transpass. SEPTA sells tokens at a discount rate of $1.55 per token at any token vending machine, or manned sales window. Be sure to have the right combination of bills, as the machine will take only the specified bills. Change is returned in coins along with your tokens. Count your change & tokens before leaving the machine to ensure you got what you paid for. Transfers are $1.00 & are valid for a certain period of time (the time that's at the top of the transfer; usually valid for about 2-3 hours -- enough time to get you on the next mode of transportation). They do not last all day or night! You must ask for a transfer when you pay your fare, either at a manned window, or the vehicle driver when you board. Once you sit down, you may not be able to purchase a transfer. However, most drivers are nice enough to allow you to purchase a transfer if you come up to him or her within a couple minutes & tell them you forgot to purchase a transfer. (NOTE: Please keep in mind that SEPTA is known to change its fare rates in inconsistently, so make sure you check SEPTA's website for all of the latest fare information).

Modes of transit include the following:
- Market Frankford Line (& Broad Street Line, which allows free interchanges to the Market Frankford Line)
- Trolley routes
- LUCY Loop bus routes
- 21, 30 & 40 routes.
- Regional Rails

The Market Frankford Line
The easiest, fastest way to get to TAKII.
- You can access the Market Frankford Line via a special FREE interchange at City Hall from the Broad Street Line. Get off any Broad Street Line train at City Hall & follow the BLUE signs to the Market Frankford Line. (Do not use any exit that says "DO NOT USE FOR FREE INTERCHANGE"). Ride the train WEST toward 69th Street. (Depending on what side you came up from, you will have to cross over to the "Westbound - 69th Street" Platform. There is a crossover you can use to do that.
-After midnight, the trains convert into Night OWL bus routes. These routes offer late night travel to the 4 major transit centers that serve the subway system. These buses take longer to reach the transit centers, due to traffic & lights. If you have to make a connection at a transit center, be sure to leave in enough time to make it to your connection. Night OWL service is available on the Market Frankford Line, Broad Street Line & select 24-hour Night OWL routes. You will need to find the proper route number & timetable to learn more about Night OWL service. See SEPTA Transit Schedules & find your route schedules.

From Frankford Terminal:
1. From any point between 40th street & Frankford Transportation Center, ride the train WEST toward 69th Street Terminal.
2. Get off at 40th street.
3. Head to the surface.
4. Have a quick look around. The intersection should say 40th street & Market street. See those signs? Awesome! You survived your trip on SEPTA.
5. Cross Market Street, heading toward the Crown Fried Chicken place (Google Maps says it's there. LOL).
6. Walk 4 blocks down 40th street. You'll cross Chestnut in two blocks. If you don't cross Chestnut within 2 blocks, turn around & head the other direction.
7. 4 blocks after you leave Market is Walnut (This should be the 2nd traffic light intersection, by the way, with Chestnut being the 1st). There's a McDonalds on the left, & across Walnut is the Bridge Cinema.
8. CROSS Walnut.
9. Head to the right, toward Bridge Cinema. Judst after you pass Bridge Cinema, up ahead , set back from the street is The Rotunda.
10. There's a nice wide alleyway just to your left. Take a left down that alleyway. You might notice colored arrows made out of tape on the ground. (The arrows may or may not be there, but either way, head left down the nice wide alleyway anyway). They are there to lead you to TAKII. To be sure, follow the alleyway down along the Bridge Cinema, with the Bridge on your left & The Rotunda on your right.
11. There's a door halfway down The Rotunda. Head through that door & sound your victory fanfare because you have arrived at your destination!

From 69th Street:
1. From any point between 40th street & 69th Street Terminal, ride the train EAST toward Frankford Transportation Center.
2. Get off at 40th Street. You won't need to cross Market.
3. Simply walk away from Market on 40th (toward the Crown Fried Chicken place).
4. Follow the directions from Step 6 in "From any point between 40th street & Frankford Transportation center" above.

The Trolley Routes
The 40th Street Portal is, you guessed it, at 40th street. This walk is a little longer than Market Street but it's really easy.
-The 10 & 15 do not serve the 40th Street Portal.
-ONLY the 11, 13, 34, & 36 serve the 40th Street Portal. These routes enter & exit the subway system at the 40th Street Portal. (Google Maps calls this same Portal the "SEPTA Woodland Portal"; look for it south of Walnut about 6 blocks down on 40th). You'll know you're there when you reach what looks like a roundabout for Trolleys. This stop is usually announced. (To be sure, ask the driver to let you know when you hit 40th street). The tunnel to the subway is there, so you can't miss that. If you're coming from underground, when you hit the surface, that's 40th street. All trolleys generally stop here, but pull the cord for this stop anyway. Please note that you can use a FREE interchange to the Market-Frankford Line from any 11, 13, 34 or 36 Trolley. Ride any 11,13, 34, or 36 trolley to 30th street. Use the crossover to access the Market-Frankford line. This is a tad longer than just getting off at the 40th street portal, but if does shorten the walk slightly, as the 40th Street Market-Frankford stop is a tad closer to TAKII then the 40th street Portal trolley stop.

1. To start, hit the following trolley routes 11, 13, 34 & 36 & ride until you get to 40th Street.
2. Get off the trolley. USE THE DESIGNATED PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK ZONES! Do not run across the open track way areas as trolleys can come out of blind corners when entering or exiting this station stop.
3. Where ever you get off your trolley, head toward Baltimore Avenue.
4. 40th Street intersects Baltimore Avenue right there at the Portal.
5. Head up 40th Street. The 3rd intersection should be Spruce Street. If it isn't, back track to the Trolley Portal & locate 40th again.
6. Keep heading up 40th.
7. Walnut will come up when you see a McDonald's across the street & the Bridge Cinema on your left (What used to be Marathon Grill is the building immediately to your left when hit this intersection. But walk up the very corner and look left and you'll see the sign for Bridge Cinema). This is 40th & Walnut.
8. Turn LEFT onto Walnut.
9. Walk a half block down Walnut & you see The Rotunda, set back from the street.
10. Walk down the alleyway to the left, alongside the Bridge Cinema. Halfway down The Rotunda is the door that leads to TAKII.

The LUCY Loop & The Bus Routes
According to Google Maps, a bus stop for the LUCY Loop & the 21, 30, & 40 bus routes is found right at 40th & Walnut. View the schedules for these routes to get approximate times of arrival & departure. This bus stop puts you right at TAKII's doorstep, so you can't go wrong with riding these routes! As with the trolley, if you're unfamiliar with the route, ask the driver to alert you when 40th & Walnut are coming up. The same landmarks will be there, the McDonald's & the Bridge Cinema complex.

The 40 route DOES stop at 40th & Walnut, but it's not labelled on the route map. You'll want to pay close attention between 40th & Market & 34th & Spruce, as these two intersections are on either side of 40th & Walnut. Ask the driver alert you when 40th & Walnut comes up, or get off at 40th & Market & follow the directions from Step 6 of "From any point between 40th street & Frankford Transportation center" of the The Market Frankford Line section above. (Note: you may or may not have to cross Market street, depending on which direction the bus is traveling). Notice the intersection & judge the direction by walking 2 blocks up 40th. If you DON'T hit Chestnut in 2 blocks, you went the wrong way!

The LUCY Loop, 21 & 30 buses all have designated stops at 40th & Walnut which are marked on their route maps.

The complete details for times for these routes is too much to put down here. We've included Links to all the route selection pages that correspond to each mode of transit. You need to remember to view the SATURDAY & SUNDAY timetables. DO NOT USE THE WEEKDAY timetables!

The Market Frankford Line
The Broad Street Line
Night OWL Service Time tables can be accessed by this link & selecting MFO & BSO respectively for the Market Frankford Line & Broad Street Line. Be sure to choose either Saturday, or Sunday for the correct times!

Trolley Routes
Trolley Route Schedules
The 10 & the 15 DO NOT serve the 40th Street Portal! Do not board those trolleys!

Bus Routes 21,30, 40 & Lucy Loop
Bus Route Schedules

Regional Rail
Regional Rail Schedules
SEPTA changed the Regional Rail designations from numbered routes to destinations (making things easier to remember). This means that the "R2 to Warminster" has become, simply, "The Warminster Line." The same stations are still served & there are no changes to the stops. With this in mind, remember to look at the regional rail schedules based on where you are coming from & where you are going to.

As with the bus, trolley & subway lines, be sure to view the Saturday & Sunday timetables. Also consider buying your tickets in advance because that is cheaper than buying them from the conductor aboard the train. Of course, Trailpasses will work as well. However, note that ONLY a monthly Trailpass with a high enough Zone will allow you to travel on the buses, subway & trolleys without paying additional fare. If you choose to use the Regional Rail, head to 30th Street Station, or Market East Station. From either of those stations, follow the signs to the Market Frankford Line (30th Street, follow the signs for either SEPTA or Market Frankford Line). Transfer to the Market Frankford Line. This requires a fare payment. Ride the Train WEST toward 69th Street. Follow the directions above under the Market Frankford Line section.

SEPTA Timetable changes[b]
SEPTA has recently implemented a continuous directive that constantly evaluates and adjusts routing and vehicle service timing. This directive has resulting in rolling schedule adjustments that generally happen 3 times a year: in the spring, summer and late fall. This means that your bus that you're used to see arriving at 7:15 might not show at 7:15 anymore. Best way to catch these schedule changes is by staying up to date on SEPTA's website. Another way is to simply keep grabbing paper schedules from your local transit center. All paper schedules have an "Effective" date on them. If you keep grabbing new schedules, you'll be kept up to date with the latest adjustments. Note that various construction projects throughout the regions have routes on detour, so use SEPTA's website to view Route advisories and such. Routes do evolve and change, so keep on top of them! Nothing stinks worse than finding out your bus arrives at different times or the route was detoured due to construction when you're waiting at the bus stop.

[b]Road Trippin' To TAKII

Driving anywhere in Philadelphia is a challenge, but it can be done! If you prefer to drive, we're gonna let you in on some details 1st. The Parking Authority is very strict about meter timing. Trust us, they have a radar that locates expiring meters. You WILL need to feed meters in & around the 40th & Walnut area. If you're willing to walk, a few blocks away there's free parking all over the place. If you're not familiar with the city or it's parking regulations, you're better off looking for the free parking that's a few blocks away. If you think you can meet the challenge of feeding the meters go for it! Walnut is also a one way street, heading westbound. Parking structures are available within a block or two of 40th & Walnut. Prices will probably top out at $22-25 for the day. Be sure to get your car out before the garage closes, as it costs extra for locked in vehicle release. Check the parking garage at 38th & Walnut. There is also a garage right across from The Rotunda at the Fresh Grocer. Never a good idea to gamble with parking in a restaurant lot, or open lot, as your car may get towed.

For those of you brave enough to drive in, here's how to get to The Rotunda:

Use a GPS. Not joking here. Enter the following address: 4014 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104. Highway access is a bit convoluted, but it's doable. For those without GPS try the archaic method of using Google Maps & getting driving directions from your house, or departure point to the same address above. This is probably the safest way to get driving directions. For those of you who are more daring, here ya go:

All traffic will be coming in via 76, exiting at 30th Street Station.
Get to 76. Doesn't matter how you get there. What matters is which way you're coming from.

From points near King of Prussia, or off 476:
1. Follow 76 EAST toward Philadelphia.
2. Hit the exit ramp at Exit 345 30th Street/Market Street. Stay to the right as you exit. The ramp divides, & if you're caught in the left lane, you'll be forced to re-enter the highway heading east bound.
3. Pay attention here, please. The wonderful traffic engineers of Philadelphia are dead set on getting you lost 3 feet from the highway.
4. At the end of the exit ramp, take a RIGHT onto Arch Street.
5. Follow Arch around to the left where the street name magically becomes 30th Street. o_O
6. When 30th Street intersects Market Street, take a RIGHT onto Market.
7. Follow Market Street up to 40th Street.
8. Take a LEFT onto 40th.
9. Follow 40th Street down to Walnut, about 4 blocks. Walnut will be the 2nd traffic light. You'll see the Bridge Cinema at the corner & the McDonald's.
10. Take a RIGHT onto Walnut. The Rotunda is a half block down in the beige building next to the Bridge Cinema. You can pull over briefly on the right to drop off passengers. But don't park unless you wanna feed the meters. Parking is found within about a 4-6 block radius, both metered & free. The garages are also within this same radius.

From points near South Philly:
1. Follow 76 WEST toward King of Prussia/Valley Forge.
2. Take the ramp at Exit 345: 30th Street.
3. Merge onto the main road above. You will cross Chestnut Street, & then Market Street.
4. After crossing Market Street, be sure to be in the 2 LEFT lanes & NOT the right lane. The right lane will throw you back on the highway. Yes, those lovely traffic engineers at work again.
5. The 2 left lanes will curve around to the left. And magically you end up on Arch Street! Follow the directions from Step 5 in "From Points near King of Prussia, or off 476."

From I-95:
Getting off at 30th Street from the Vine Street Expressway will test your Fast & Furious merging skills. Seriously. Here's what you do:
1. From 95 North or South, exit onto the Vine Street Expressway, I-676.
-Traveling 95 South: Look for 676 West, Central Philadelphia. Stay in the 2 LEFT lanes as the ramp divides.
-Traveling 95 North: Look for 676 West, Central Philadelphia. Stay toward the LEFT as the ramp crosses 95 southbound.
2. Follow 676 West through the center of the city. Don't get off any of the exits.
3. As you approach the end, you'll see a sign "76 East International Airport. Exit Only." This is your exit. Get ready to put your Fast & Furious driving skills to the test.
4. The ramp is a sharp curve that heads under the interchange. When you pop out the other side, be prepared to merge immediately into the right lane. You'll see a sign for "Exit 345: 30th Street/Market Street. Exit Only." This is your exit. Follow the directions Step 2 in the "From points near King of Prussia, or off 476" section above.

Whew! Would highly recommend that GPS folks. At least if you get lost getting off the highway, or get caught in the wrong lane going through an interchange, the GPS can get you back on track.

A few driving tips:
- 76 is a parking lot. NO MATTER WHAT TIME YOU DRIVE THAT ROAD. Be patient & don't rush. The entire westbound half of 76 from the 676 interchange all the way up past Route 1 routinely backs-up well before & during rush hours. The eastbound half of 76 from Belmont past the 676 interchange usually stacks up pretty bad as well. You WILL sit in traffic, & there's no getting around it.
- 676, being the major connection between 95 & 76, backs up badly during rush hours. Expect to spend about 20 or even upwards of 30 minutes driving 676 through Center City during rush hours.
- 95 isn't as bad, but during rush hours heading south, expect delays from as far back as the Aramingo Avenue/Betsy Ross Bridge interchange all the way to 676. Heading north, expect delays due to the back-up caused by traffic merging from 676 onto 95 North. Generally getting off at 676 isn't an issue, but expect to slow down right away with traffic backed up on 676.
- Mind those parking signs! Yes, they are archaic, confusing, & let you park your car if you meet 12 conflicting conditions. Well, it's not that bad, but be very mindful of what the sign says & note any times & days posted. The Parking Authority is very aggressive about violations & you will find your car ticketed, or towed if rules aren't obeyed. Again, hit up that free parking that's a few block further away....or just take SEPTA.
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