OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review


OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review

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1 - TITLE: Makenai X-Posé
2 - DATE, TIME, & VENUE: August 16th, 2014 (6:00pm - 10:00pm EST) @ Studio 34 (4522 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143)
3 - WORLD TOUR FESTIVITIES: "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert" (feat. [Ai]) & "X-Treme X-Posé (feat. "Gameshow Impossibru: Name That Tune" & "Gameshow Impossibru: Charades", by Manly Battleships)
4 - WORLD TOUR CHAMPION(S): D-chan ("Gameshow Impossibru: Name That Tune") & [Ai] ("Gameshow Impossibru: Charades")
5 - GUESTS & PERFORMERS: Manly Battleships (Returning Legend || Convention & Japanese game show panelists), [Ai] (Returning Legend || J-Pop cover artist), Moe Maid Café (Returning Legend || Japanese-style maid café), & D-chan (Returning Legend || Japanese/Korean vocal musician)


By popular demand & shortly after the conclusion of TAKII 17 ~Densetsu~, fans of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational put together long-standing festivities "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert" & "X-Treme X-Posé" to christen a new World Tour innovation, Makenai X-Posé! We knew an occasion such as this needed a special added twist, so we were more than happy to host this event's debut at the home of 1 of our newest venue partners, the fine folks at Studio 34. A retro-fitted warehouse-turned-yoga studio with multiple rooms & lounge space, participants & attendees alike were thoroughly impressed with TAKII's new surroundings. While our main home was The Rotunda, Studio 34 was a welcomed & fresh change of pace to throw down some creative entertainment with a purpose as only "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" could provide.

We kicked off Makenai X-Posé with the "Makenai Concert" portion of our program, featuring an impressive performance by [Ai]. In a departure from her trademark J-Rock style, she came prepared to belt out a few of the anime world's most beloved ballads & slower Pop standards (including Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon S' "Unmei Wa Utsukushiku", a personal favorite of TAKII's Founder, D-chan). What was particularly striking about [Ai]'s performance this time around was how much more she commanded the stage. This is not to say that she isn't already full of showmanship, but when you strip an artist down to their bare essentials, you really get to see them for who they are. And TAKII is proud to say that they have a true "diamond in the rough" with this beautiful songstress.

Following [Ai] was to be the stylings of TAKII 17 hostess, Anastasia Oxnuttz, but a scheduling conflict prevented her from being able to attend (much to the dismay of everyone in attendance). To pick up everyone's spirits, however, came the antics of Manly Battleships for the "X-Treme X-Posé" part of the day! Their brand of Japanese game show greatness kicked off with a very intense edition of "Gameshow Impossibru: Name That Tune". Around 50-60 songs from all aspects of Asian culture fandom were previewed & players were tasked with being the 1st one to not only guess the song, but to also earn bonus points for knowing its genre/origin & artist(s). When all was said & done, D-chan came out on top (with 19 points, counted in the form of Jolly Ranchers) & earned a DVD of Sharknado as his prize. Not to be outdone, "Gameshow Impossibru: Charades" was up next & even though [Ai] ended up trouncing the competition, it'd be safe to say that EVERYONE came out winners (with a few "aspiring actors/actresses" being "discovered" during gameplay LOL).

Once 10:00pm came around & final laughs were had, it was finally time to say "sayounara" to what ended up becoming a "laugh until you cry" day for the TAKII World Tour. And while all of Makenai X-Posé's programming was off the chain, this installment of our World Tour would not have been as successful without the extra efforts of our friends at the Moe Maid Café (using Studio 34's "Sunlight Room" to serve attendees their Asian-themed delicacies) & GooJunky (who provided some splendid press coverage). Will Makenai X-Posé return in the future? Only time will tell. But for those who are now fans of our new digs at Studio 34, Cinemazement 2 is around the corner (next month) & it will be the next TAKII World Tour experience to take advantage of these new surroundings. So until then, ja ne, minna-tomodachi!! ^_^

To complete your full retrospective of the TAKII World Tour's Makenai X-Posé, please visit its official home at our "Historic Archives":
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