Debut Focus: Angele Joubert-Johnson


Debut Focus: Angele Joubert-Johnson

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Angele Joubert-Johnson's musical abilities & Gospel background have enabled her to sing around the world, touring in America, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, & most recently Japan. She has lent her voice to several CD projects, including The Glory Gospel Singers’ "Christmas In Koln" & "Tenshi Ni Anime Song Wo," a CD with Gospel covers of songs from the infamous Studio Ghibli. Angele was also a finalist in the world famous Japanese show "Nodojiman! A Song For Japan". She is an up & coming vocalist, music composer, screenplay writer, director, & children's book author, crediting all of her talents as simply "God-given". A former "TAKII 16 Show" Champion, Angele Joubert-Johnson can't wait to share her soulful musical stylings with "the most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" at TAKII 18!

....but just HOW accomplished was Angele prior to her becoming TAKII 18 ~Brand New World~'s 1st-confirmed "Brand-New Debut"? Check out a mere portion of her professional resumé below:

D&P Joubert LLC Worldwide - Japan Day
May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day), 2013 NYC
- Performed as a member of the Glory Gospel Singers

D&P Joubert LLC Worldwide, Tour 138 & Tour 140
February 2012 - Musical Director, Japan
- Competitively arranged popular Japanese Pop songs to have a Gospel sound
- Participated in the world-famous Japanese game show “Nodojiman! A Song For Japan”
- Taught group members to sing songs in Japanese

December 2011 - Glory Gospel Singer, Japan
- Master of Ceremonies, addressing audiences in Japanese & English
- Lead songs in Japanese & English
- Provided musical instruction & direction
- Taught singers songs in English & Japanese
- Facilitated lessons concerning proper pronunciation of Japanese words

D&P Joubert LLC Worldwide, Tour 119, Tour 122, Tour 123
Glory Gospel Singer, Japan, July, & December 2010; Germany, January 2011 - February 2011
- Master of Ceremonies, addressing audiences in Japanese (in Japan), German (in Germany), & English
- Spearheaded public relations initiatives by interviewing with German television, radio stations, & newspapers, actively marketing company brand
- Toured in over 50 cities, stages, & venues in Japan & Germany
- Lead songs in multiple languages
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