TAKII 24 Hardcore Handbook

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TAKII 24 Hardcore Handbook

Unread postby d-chan o^_*o » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:40 am

Without further ago, we're excited to share with you our Hardcore Handbook for TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~: https://guidebook.com/g/takii24. You can download our Guidebook app to your Android/iOS devices or you can view it directly on the web (https://guidebook.com/guide/120890) (NOTE: You will need to sign up for a FREE Guidebook account if you wish to use any of the Hardcore Handbook's interactive features).

Of course, we know that not everyone has one of those fancy mobile devices that does things with stuff. So that is why Team TAKII has made the most important pages of this season's Hardcore Handbook available in PDF & JPG format: http://takii.pdnmz.com/takii-docs/takii24-tpol/takii24hh.zip. And no matter how you get your own copy of our scheduling guide, we will have its pages posted in high traffic areas of The Rotunda & available in (limited) printed format.

If you have any concerns you wish to share about our Hardcore Handbook, feel free to reply to this thread or send an email to [email protected] at your earliest convenience. See y'all at TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~ on Jan. 13th & 14th, 2018!
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