TAKII Rules & Regulations....Learn To Love 'Em!

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TAKII Rules & Regulations....Learn To Love 'Em!

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Here at TAKII, we want to have fun, but we also want to make sure no one gets in trouble. As such, here's what we have: the "Rules & Regulations" for The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational. Please read through all of this information (which goes in tandem with our website's edition of the same guidelines: http://takii.pdnmz.com/NEW/rules-regulations). To make things easier, we'll break things down into several easy sections:

- Basic Etiquette: What can be expected to have fun, yet be responsible at the same time. This section will cover the basics of TAKII.
- #1 Contender's Pass Rules: Rules about the #1 Contender's Pass, as well as what the program is & how it works.
- Vendor & Exhibitor Rules: What can be expected as a vendor or exhibitor.
- Video Gaming Rules: What can be expected regarding the video game tournaments & free play sessions.
- Cosplay Rules: What can be expected regarding cosplay events, costumes & props. Cosplay contests are covered under this section.
- Team TAKII Coalition Guidelines: What we expect of our volunteers & staff.
- Coalition Sponsorship Guidelines: What you need to know to get started with sponsoring TAKII.

Basic Etiquette At TAKII
We expect everyone to be having fun! You agree? So do we. But having fun means to be responsible too. TAKII prides itself in being a super fun festival, but we will be setting a few ground rules:

- NO vulgarity, abusive language, swearing or "potty mouth." TAKII has attendees of all ages attending, & we don't want to have little ones learn "the bad words" from us. As such, vulgarity is to be kept to a minimum. If you're found to be abusing vulgarity, you will be asked to stop. The 2nd time we ask, you may be removed from the venue.
- The Rotunda is a drug free & alcohol free venue. We will be enforcing this policy. Also, any behavior that is the "let's make a family" behavior will be strictly prohibited. TAKII is geared toward all ages, so it's our goal to "not make families" during the course of the festival. Sure, The Rotunda has a lot of special places to go hide, but engaging any of these activities will guarantee that you will be removed from the venue, &/or reported to the police if engaging in anything illegal (ie: underage drinking, etc.).
- No horseplay, or play fighting. We will ask that no play fighting takes place, inside the venue or outside. There isn't room inside The Rotunda, & the alleyway outside is a busy pedestrian traffic area. Besides the potential to hurt a passerby, attendees themselves can also be injured if a play-fight goes bad. If you must pose in a fight stance for a photo, that is acceptable. Active fighting is not. If you are engaged in play fighting, we will ask you to stop the first time. Second time we have to ask you will be removed from the venue.
- No glomping, tackle-hugging or otherwise touching someone without their permission. Getting glomped (tackle-hugged) unexpectedly can cause not only damage to costumes, but potential damage to people &, to a lesser extent, property. (i.e. The Rotunda). For these reasons alone, we are not permitting any such glomping. Touching someone without permission is self explanatory. In the case of unauthorized glomping or touching, you may be removed from the venue. If we inquire & it turns out you let the other party glomp/make contact with you, then you're accepting the responsibility as well as the liability of whatever consequence will happen from said glomping/making contact.
- Please, no harassing outside businesses. There are businesses around The Rotunda. As such, do not make life miserable for them! Sure, McDonald's tolerates us to serve us food, but don't go there & write messages on the table in ketchup. Don't go to Fresh Grocer & rearrange the canned foods aisle into giant pyramids. If we get word that you're causing trouble at another business, you may be removed from the venue.
- Being removed from the venue means just that: you are to leave The Rotunda property completely. You will be escorted off the property by a member of TAKII staff. You will not be allowed back for the day, or if the violation warrants, you will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the current season (if removed on the 1st day) &/or the next season. Also, being removed from the venue will result in revocation of a #1 Contender's Pass if you hold one. NO REFUND FOR A #1 CONTENDER'S PASS IS AVAILABLE IF YOUR PASS GETS REVOKED FOR ANY REASON. Removal from the venue, as well as revocation of a #1 Contender's Pass is at the sole discretion of TAKII staff. If your Pass was revoked & you were removed from the venue for only 1 day (in other words, you are being permitted to return the next day), you will have to purchase a NEW #1 Contender's Pass when you come back. Your old Pass will not be valid.

#1 Contender's Pass At TAKII:
TAKII has evolved over the years. As such, beginning with TAKII 13 ~United We Stand~, The #1 Contender's Pass Program has undergone a drastic change. Let's look at the new #1 Contender's Pass in its new glory.

Unlike previous seasons, when you pay the Registration fee to enter TAKII, you AUTOMATICALLY get your #1 Contender's Pass! This is a big change from previous seasons. Don't worry! TAKII will continue to offer great savings for pre-registering each season. When you do pre-register, you're also entered into some great contest drawings to win all sorts of cool prizes. These contests drawings are ONLY AVAILABLE TO PRE-REGISTERED ATTENDEES! Want in? Pre-register! The #1 Contender's Pass you get when you pay the registration fee becomes your Badge for the weekend. Your badge gives you all the privileges, fun & surprises a #1 Contender's Pass has always given in the past. With this in mind, there are several changes & guideline adjustments that need to be kept in mind with the new #1 Contender's Pass program:

-Your #1 Contender's Pass is your badge. It's valid the entire weekend of the con. Keep the badge present with you at all times, in a visible spot. You will be asked to show it when you re-enter the venue or for entering a tournament or other activity. Please comply when asked to show your badge.
-It is encouraged to pre-register for your Pass. The earlier you pre-reg, the more SAVINGS you get! Get a weekend of TAKII fun for as little as $8! That's the price of a meal at McDonald's.
- If you lose your Pass, you will need to purchase a replacement pass at the FULL at door price. No Exceptions. There will be a lost & found, so if your badge was found & turned in, it can be retrieved from Lost & found. Please see a TAKII Staffer or Co-Coordinator for help if you lose your badge.
-When you pre-register for a Pass, you will need to print out the receipt that is generated by the system. You will need to provide this receipt at the Registration Table to pick up your Pass. No receipt = no badge. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! Your receipt is proof that you paid over the internet. Please have it! Otherwise we can only assume that you are here to pay for your Pass at the door. Please note that a valid government issued ID may be required in addition to the printed out receipt. Acceptable forms of ID include a state photo ID, a driver's license or a valid US Passport. School & college ID's are not acceptable as valid forms of ID.
- Your Pass cannot be used for the next season. It expires at the close of the con's current season on the last day of the convention. The only exception is the special non-expiring #1 Contender's Passes that are awarded as prize drawings at certain occasions.
- Your #1 Contenders Pass can be revoked, at the discretion of TAKII staff. Pass revocations are mostly done as a result of violating any of the TAKII "Rules & Regulations", or cheating on gaming tournaments. Please note that a non-expiring #1 Contender's Pass can be revoked, just like any other Pass.
- Attempting to reproduce, in any way or form, using any means, method, process or machine will result in all questionable #1 Contender's Passes being revoked. It will be at the sole discretion of TAKII staff to permit entry to the festival, or use of the Pass. This rule extends to the special non-expiring Contender's Passes as well.

Vendors & Exhibitors At TAKII:
Selling your items, swag & artistic talent is a highlight here at TAKII. We're glad you decided to sell your wares & talents through our exciting vendors program. TAKII's vendor/exhibitor program is pretty simple, but here we present some guidelines that vendors & exhibitionists need to be aware of:

- The free #1 Contender's Passes that come with select Vendor Table Slots are to be used for people directly associated with the vendor/exhibitionist. Each vendor gets 2 passes: 1 pass for the vendor & 1 pass for an assistant. If for some reason your table needs more than 1 assistant, contact TAKII at [email protected] & place "Additional Vendor Contender's Passes Needed" in the subject line. TAKII will work with you regarding obtaining additional Contender's Passes beyond the 2 free passes provided.
-The free #1 Contender's Passes that come with the Vendor Table slot are not to be traded &/or transferred to anyone else. A vendor found abusing the free #1 Contender's Passes they receive (ie: giving them to people who don't even stay at the table or even assist the vendor in any way - getting your friends in for free) will be subject to action as deemed necessary by TAKII Co-Coordinators/Staff, with or without notice. These actions may include closing of the table, revocation of all Contender's Passes issued to that vendor, &/or removal from the venue.
- Vendors & exhibitors at TAKII have gone through an application & registration process. That means they have been approved to vend or exhibit at TAKII.
- Please ask the vendor, or dealer to provide a receipt for your protection as well as theirs. Even a handwritten receipt should be acceptable, so long as it lists what you bought, the price, & a date.
- We expect vendors to sell legitimate wares & merchandise. If you find that you've purchased bootlegged, or misrepresented merchandise, please see a TAKII staffer immediately or contact TAKII at its website if you've opened your merchandise after you've left the festival. Please have any receipts, the original item, & packaging to reference, as well as the name of the vendor. Save all this material in case further investigation is needed. We encourage ALL buyers to inspect the contents of their purchases prior to leaving the vendor's table, & also be familiar with the vendor's return policy. If you suspect illegitimate/damaged merchandise, try to return the item following the Vendor's return policy. If a dispute comes up, TAKII staff will intervene & attempt to resolve the issue as amicably as possible between both parties. At which the decision of TAKII staff becomes final.
- Most vendors at TAKII can only accept CASH. Ask the vendor if credit cards are accepted. An ATM can be found across the street at the Fresh Grocer store.
- Shoplifting is a serious offense. If caught, you WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Gaming At TAKII
TAKII is a great gaming event, with many systems & games to choose from. As such, TAKII offers a wide range of gaming. Whether or not you're a hardcore gamer, feel free to join in on the fun. But as a responsible gamer, take the following into consideration:

- For tournament reasons, you are not permitted to bring or use custom controllers, memory cards, data on memory cards, save files or any outside data that was not present on the game system & game. This is to prevent possible damage to consoles & hardware, as well as maintain tournament integrity.
- It goes without saying that any form of cheating in a tournament will result in you being disqualified from the tournament. Your #1 Contender's Pass may also be revoked by TAKII staff, at its sole discretion.
- If you are free playing a popular game, please limit yourself to 3 rounds, lives, or 3 "games". Of course, if no one is showing interest in playing the game, you may keep playing. At the least, offer the controller to anyone around you if you see people standing around. In the case where games with custom set-up options (like Smash Bros. Brawl with stock lives, or X number of lives), please limit yourself to 1 fight & hand off the controller to anyone waiting to play. (The reason behind that is it's entirely possible for a fight in Brawl to last upwards of 10 minutes or more. Which limits the number of players who can play in the long run). Popular games will be played by a lot of people, please allow everyone to enjoy the games. This policy ensures that everyone gets to enjoy a game that he, or she is interested in trying out.
- Damaging a console, controller, or television will result in damages being paid (at your own personal expense) & removal from the venue. We all know gamers can get "into their games." But please do not damage any of the hardware! It is borrowed hardware & we do not want to see a game system go down because someone got angry, or upset at a game. If you really get upset over a game, stomp on the floor, or something. Throwing a controller for any reason is grounds for removal from the venue, at discretion of TAKII staff, due to the potential damage to hardware, or people around you.
- During a tournament, please be ready to play when your bracket is called. Don't be off-site, over at another game (unless you're willing to quit at a moment's notice), or over at the Snak Shak. Please be prompt when your name is called. TAKII will make 3 attempts to get a hold of you. If you are not present by the 3rd attempt, your slot in the tournament is forfeit & you will not get a retry.
- During certain Main Stage festivities, games are turned off, or volumes are muted. When certain events are going on, we like to try & keep games going when possible. If you are playing a game that is scheduled for a tournament, please be ready to relinquish the game when the tournament starts.
- All tournament decisions are made by TAKII tournament staff & are final. Appeals are only permitted at the discretion of TAKII tournament staff.

Other forms of Gaming
TAKII also realizes there are other forms of gaming, (not just the kind where you stare at TV's & press buttons). We welcome tabletop gaming, trading card gaming, handheld gaming or any other gaming. Please not that any kind of gaming involving betting, exchange of money or anything akin (as determined by TAKII staff) to gambling will immediately be shut down. Tables & chairs for table top & other gaming will be provided.

- The tournament rules described above would also apply to tabletop, handheld & trading card gaming. Please note that for tournament purposes, all forms of gaming components MUST be tournament legal & all cards, save files, games, etc., cannot be hacked, modified, or placed on any officially sanctioned Ban List or Restricted List. Magic the Gathering & other Trading Card Games support an updated Ban & Restricted List online. Should a questionable card be used, it can & will be looked up by tournament staff. Disqualification may result if found to be using banned/restricted cards, decks, hacked save files, modded games, etc..
- In the case of handheld gaming tournaments, games must be played using ORIGINAL retail game cards. In other words, roms downloaded onto high capacity memory cards, or any games NOT obtained through an original retail game card will not be permitted for use in handheld gaming tournaments. Hacked & modded games will not be permitted either. This is to protect tournament integrity.
- Tabletop gaming like Dungeons & Dragons & Warhammer are always welcome. Please be mindful if you decide to bring miniatures & models. TAKII is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged miniatures, models, or gaming components used in tabletop gaming, handheld gaming, or trading card gaming.
- All tournament decisions are made by TAKII tournament staff & are final. Appeals are only permitted at the discretion of TAKII tournament staff.

Cosplay Basics At TAKII
We pride ourselves for being able to offer cosplayers a fun & exciting environment to showcase costumes & props. A few basic considerations to keep in mind:

TAKII Costume Policy
- Costumes should not be revealing, or skimpy. For your safety, do not wear a costume that makes you a target. If you arrive at the festival in a really revealing costume, you may be turned away. If you're unsure if your costume is too revealing, bring a set of clothes as a back-up, &/or integrate a coat, shirt, pants, shorts, etc. into the costume to cover up, but yet allow the costume to still look good.
- We highly discourage lack of shoes. If your costume requires that you not wear shoes, get a pair of flip-flops or sandals. The ground is not the cleanest surface to walk around in bare feet.
- Your costume should not be of any major religious figure or political figure portrayed in a potentially dangerous manor.
- Your costume should not have overly large (greater than 2 inches) sharp spikes, protrusions or extensions. However, if a large spike is part of the "cannon look" of the costume, "dull" the tip of the spike so it's not sharp. That way it can't hurt anyone passing by in the hallway.
- We will be allowing signs WITHIN REASON here at the convention. Your sign should be cannon to your costume & CANNOT CONTAIN EXPLICITLY VULGAR LANGUAGE. It MAY NOT be overly large, no bigger than two 8.5 inch by 11 inch pieces of paper taped together. The reason we're limiting the size to that dimension is so that you can easily fold up & put your sign away when you are off-site or outside The Rotunda's walls. If your sign fails to meet these requirements, you will be asked to remove your sign. If you're really treasuring you're sign for whatever reason, it can be stored in the storage area where you can pick it up again when you leave for the day. Should this policy be abused, we will rescind this privilege at all future conventions.

TAKII Weapons/Prop Policy
- We are limiting props to 6 FEET in length. A prop cannot weigh more than 50 pounds (though we know they will weigh a lot less!). This provision is due to the small hallways & limited access of some areas. Large props cannot be accommodated through the narrow hallways & stairwells.
- NO LIVE STEEL! This means no metal, or steel bladed weapon or item that has an edge, or can be sharpened to form an edge/take an edge. Steel katana, swords, knife, etc.. This ALSO includes shuriken, kunai (metal replicas, etc.), or any such similar weapon, or item. If you found with live steel, you will be asked to remove it from the venue, or TAKII staff can temporarily store it on-site in a safe location. It will be returned to you when you leave for the day. Note that in Philadelphia, you could be subject to arrest for carrying live steel swords unsheathed.
- Guns: Prop guns at TAKII will fall under the following policy:
- Replica guns must have the bright orange safety tip that designates the gun as a toy. The gun CANNOT have any moving parts, ability to shoot a projectile, CANNOT be an airsoft or similar replica, (even if it's deactivated & made unable to shoot; they will be turned away). CAP GUNS are not permitted.
- Permitted guns are those made of wood, resin molded, card board, plastic, etc., & have NO moving parts. Plastic toy Nerf guns WITHOUT ammunition or darts are permitted. If you bring a Nerf gun & are found to be firing darts around the venue, the 1st time we see you, we will ask you to stop. The 2nd time we have to speak to you we'll require you to hand over your Nerf gun to a TAKII staffer, who will place it in temporary storage. You can then pick up your Nerf gun when you leave for the day. Failing to abide by this policy will result in you being removed from the venue.
- Props that are permitted: wooden bokken, props made of wood, foam, duct tape, paper, cloth, etc.; essentially anything non-metal (with the exclusion of internal framing or support, as long as it's not on the outside exposed).
- No reckless use of props! This means no swinging, play-fighting with props or otherwise misusing a prop. First time we see you doing this, we will ask you to stop. Second time we will confiscate your prop to the storage area until you leave for the day. If the infraction is severe enough, we may remove you from the venue.
- Don't take a prop without permission. Cosplayers often make their own props, or some buy theirs. In any case, a lot of effort & money went into the prop. Taking a prop without permission is not allowed. If you break someone else's prop, things head south really quick. While replacement is not a responsibility of TAKII, it becomes YOUR responsibility to make amends. TAKII cannot assist you in this matter, other than to, as amicably as possible, resolve the situation between the 2 parties involved.
- Yaoi/Yuri Paddles (or similar paddles) ARE NOT permitted. If you are seen with one, you will be asked to remove the paddle from the venue or have it stored by TAKII Staff in the storage area. You will be able to retrieve your paddle when you leave for the day. This provision exists to prevent anyone from getting injured while being hit by a Yaoi/Yuri paddle.
- Vuvuzuelas ARE NOT permitted. If you are seen with one, you will be asked to remove it from the venue or have it stored by TAKII Staff in the storage area. You will be able to retrieve your vuvuzuela when you leave for the day. The reason for this provision is that vuvuzuelas are very loud, prevent people from hearing verbal announcements (in cases of emergencies) & generally annoy people too much.

Team TAKII Coalition: Volunteering & Staffing at TAKII
Being a part of the Team that brings TAKII to life isn't only exciting, but fun & rewarding. Volunteering & staffing at TAKII allows dedicated fans to take part in bringing TAKII to life. There are many areas where extra help is needed. So there are tons of great opportunities to jump in & become part of the Team TAKII Coalition. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering joining the Team TAKII Coalition:

- Anyone interested in joining the Team TAKII Coalition as a volunteer or staffer, should fill out an application form here.
- You should be at least 16 years of age to apply for any volunteer or staff position at TAKII.
- You won't be getting paid for joining the Team TAKII Coalition. All positions are volunteer, non-paid positions. You do get some awesome perks!
- You MUST volunteer for at least 1 day of 1 season of TAKII per year to be considered a volunteer/staff.
- As a volunteer/staff, you become ineligible to compete for prizes in most gaming tournaments, or any contest/raffle deemed ineligible for volunteers/staff. You may still participate in gaming tournaments if you so choose. As a volunteer/staff, you should speak with any tournament staff/Coordinator or any senior staff (Co-Coordinator or Coordinator), if you wish to take part in a tournament, or event.
- Please note that volunteer/staff schedules can flex somewhat, both in duration of work & area you work in. TAKII is fluid, so we flex our staff as needed. You may be asked to work a little longer, or be given a choice to work in an additional area that you may not have initially signed up for. We also realize that volunteers/staff want to enjoy the fun as well. To that end, we also flex schedules to allow volunteers/staff to enjoy festivities & have fun!
- If you sign up to work, you will be expected to work your initially designated area & time. Failing to show up as promised makes things harder for everyone. Volunteering/staffing does require a commitment. Please adhere to that commitment, as we depend on volunteers/staffers to help TAKII run smothly. Show up for your scheduled times at your area (or check in with the Co-Coordinator or Coordinator present).
-Failing to show up, or work your area will result in you being demoted to attendee. You may be required to purchase a #1 Contender's Pass to remain on the property. If you leave your area or leave early without notifying anyone, you may be demoted from volunteering/staff.

Volunteering/Staffing: What's in it for me?
Volunteering/staffing at TAKII as a member of the Team TAKII Coalition gets you some really good perks. Among them:

- FREE #1 Contender's Pass for the season you volunteer/staff for. Attend TAKII for FREE!
- The chance to participate in some 1-on-1 interaction with TAKII's renowned guests.
- Invitations to our bi-annual "Domo Arigatou Party". The bi-annual TAKII volunteer/staff party. ONLY for volunteers & staff. Attendees CANNOT access this party.
- Use of "Staff Only" resources, which includes staff only rooms at the venue, cool Staff swag, & may also include free snacks, drinks or meals.
- Earning your way up the ladder to higher levels of staffing. The Co-Coordinator & Coordinator positions are considered senior level staff here at TAKII.
- The fun & excitement of working with friends
- Having a blast while helping build TAKII's future
- The chance to see the inner workings of how a convention works, & use the skills you learn to advance yourself personally & professionally
- And lots more awesome, rewarding goodies!

Complete details can be found at the "Coalition Volunteer Primer". Please have a look at the Primer to see full details, including all the areas available for volunteering/staffing, as well as complete details on requirements & rewards.

Coalition Sponsorships: Advertising & Sponsorships
A vital component of TAKII is exposure through advertising & sponsorships. A vital source of funds for TAKII, Coalition Sponsorships allow individuals & companies to support TAKII in exchange for exposure. The program is very simple. Below are a few quick guidelines:

- There are currently 6 different areas that support sponsorships: Press Releases, #1 Contender's Passes, Hardcore Handbook, Hardcore Handbag, Festivities, & At-Venue Ads. Each area offers a unique opportunity for exposure to TAKII attendees.
- Within each of the 6 areas are various levels of sponsorship. The higher the level, the more exposure you get. It goes without saying that higher levels of sponsorship will cost more. Level 1 is the basic sponsorship, while Level 3 is the highest.
- All sponsorships MUST apply using the form at "Coalition Apps".
- If your sponsorship/advertisement includes images, please be sure all images are used with permission & are PG rated. Sponsorships/advertisements that contain anything that considered unacceptable (nudity, vulgarity, etc.,) will be denied. All decisions of TAKII Co-Coordinators or Coordinators is FINAL in this regard.
- Failing to meet any deadlines will result in your sponsorship/advertisement not being run or used. Please adhere to any deadlines. It's best to hand in things early if possible.
- TAKII is not responsible for errors, misspellings, etc.. TAKII may present you with a black/white or grayscale preview image of your sponsorship/advertisement before it is run. You will have the opportunity to correct any errors at this time. Once your sponsorship/advertisement is finalized, it cannot be changed.
- If you would like to sponsor TAKII in a way other than those presented in the "Coalition Sponsorship Primer" feel free to email TAKII at [email protected]. We will work with you to make your unique idea or opportunity happen.

For complete details about sponsoring TAKII or advertising with TAKII, please see the "Coalition Sponsorship Primer".

NOTE: These "Rules & Regulations" may be changed at any time with or without prior notice, as the sole discretion of TAKII staff. Any updates to these "Rules & Regulations" will be communicated accordingly through the official TAKII website, or this forum thread.
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