{{ PR }} TAKII 15's Brand-New Debut: HADOUKENCHICKEN!

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{{ PR }} TAKII 15's Brand-New Debut: HADOUKENCHICKEN!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Better Than Baked Or Fried: J-Music Tribute Group HadoukenChicken! Makes Its Worldwide Debut At TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~!
PRESS RELEASE FEATURES: The inside scoop on TAKII's seasonal Brand-New Debut guest performers....as told by the members themselves!
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May 10th, 2013 -- Upper Darby, PA -- (The info contained herein is at the request of our season Brand-New Debut; this message will self-destruct in 16 seconds LOL.)

The legend of HadoukenChicken! is a story that is known by few & told by even fewer. In the underbelly of a local dining hall, an assassin was contracted to eliminate his target: a savage wolf that terrorized a local eatery. Armed with nothing more than a handful of chocobo nuggets, the assassin waged war against his rival, only to be stopped by a hollow & a red haired echidna. The duo proposed an offer of epic proportions to the 2 rivals: drop their fruitless skirmish & join them in the epic quest to scour the world with them for treasure & monster hunting. The 2 agreed & with the addition of a cat-human, a camera-wielding gladiator, & a sensei of the industrial arts, the posse was blessed with the name given to them by the gods of music: HadoukenChicken!!

Premiering at TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~ as their official seasonal Brand-New Debut, HadoukenChicken! has made it their life's goal to spread their message the only way they know how: playing loud & rocking out! Using air instruments gifted to them by the gods, they bring the energy of Japanese Rock music & the randomness that only the most hardcore otaku can withstand. Expect the unexpected! Be prepared to lose control!! Bring a lunch because you probably will get hungry!!! The wheels of fate are turning once HadoukenChicken! storms the stage!!!!!

(For more info on HadoukenChicken!, please visit their official TAKII bio page: http://takii.pdnmz.com/guests-performers/brand-new-debuts.html#hadoukenchicken. As for everyone else you can expect to meet & greet this season, please check out our "Guests & Performers" section today: http://takii.pdnmz.com/guests-performers. Be ready to J-Rock the TAKII house DOWWWWN, minna-san!!!!)

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Established in February 2006, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival. Featuring 2 main seasons & numerous other co-branded events & performances throughout each year, it's filled with a diverse multitude of "Festivities" well-suited for people from all walks of life & fandom. With maverick innovations, such as "Project "DATTE"" ("Delivering Assistance To The Extreme"), the Team TAKII Coalition (a distinguished group of our most passionate supporters & outreach volunteers), & the TAKII World Tour (a traveling & customizable entertainment experience for individuals & organizations alike), it entertains, inspires, & enriches the lives of its fans worldwide on a continuous basis.

Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. Talent. These are the 4 most precious qualities one can embody in their own personal pursuits of TAKII-fied infamy. Are you ready to be served up Asian fusion festival realness in all of its fiercest forms in our quest to celebrate the most dynamic femme fatales in Asian culture fandom HERstory? If so, "shantay you stay"! TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~ will be taking place from Philly, PA's The Rotunda on May 25th & 26th, 2013 (with hours of operation slated to be 9:00am - 11:00pm on both days). Our inner-lights collectively shine bright & our souls burn with a passion for Asian culture fandom that is simply 2nd to none. No matter what shade you are on the outside, we promise to bring out your inner-glamazASIAN for the world to see!
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