OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review (2008)


OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review (2008)

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1 - TITLE: Setsucon
2 - DATE, TIME, & VENUE: January 26th & 27th, 2008 @ Days Inn State College (240 S. Pugh St., State College, PA 16801)
3 - WORLD TOUR FESTIVITIES: "Say WTF Karaoke", "TAKII Show", "Who's Got No Talent!?", & "D-chan LIVE"


When it expanded into a 2-day convention, Setsucon 2008 knew that they had to use all of the resources that they had at their disposal to make sure it would end up being a success....& a success it was! Setsucon 2008, having taken place on January 26th-27th, 2008 at the State College Days Inn in State College, PA ended up garnering at least twice the amount of attendees they had when compared to last year, thanks in part to the return of the TAKII World Tour! While Setsucon ended up changing some of their leadership positions, the same highly-admirable staff consistency remained (& the World Tour was very happy ^_^). On Day 1 of Setsucon 2008, D-chan got things warmed up on that very cold morning with soulful renditions of some powerful Asian ballads, including "Find The Way" (from Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)), "I'm Sorry ~Ghost~" (a K-Pop/K-R&B song originally performed by Lee Hyori, of K-Pop girl group FinKL fame), & "Ren Zhen (Concentration)" (a C-Pop song originally performed by Son Yan-Zi).

As the day wore on, Setsucon 2008 attendees were itchin' for some karaoke action & the TAKII World Tour was ready to stand up & deliver through its "TAKII Show" & "Who's Got No Talent!?" contests! An hour & a half of musically-inspired madness ensued, consisting of many Bleach covers, some questionable displays of non-talent (:-P), a World Of Warcraft parody, & a rendition of "Snake Eater" (from Metal Gear Solid 3) that earned the young man who performed it a standing applause! When all was said & done & Setsucon 2008 came to a close, each organization had nothing but words of praise for each other & are looking forward to working together very soon ^_^.

To complete your full retrospective of the TAKII World Tour's stop(s) at Setsucon, please visit its official home at our "Historic Archives":
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