Festivity Focus: Auction Royale

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Festivity Focus: Auction Royale

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As 1 of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational's newer traditions, "Auction Centrale" gives fusion festival fanatics amazing opportunities to wager their hard-earned money on collections of items, with a portion of the proceeds going towards our "Charity Beneficiaries" for TAKII 24! With bidding being hosted by this season's various guests & performers, "Auction Centrale" is the perfect way to round out one's TAKII experience. As more donations for items to auction off are received, we will be sure to "extend our reach to the stars above" (as one James would say ^_^). And of course, if you would like to donate some swag for "Auction Royale", TAKII would forever be appreciative! All you have to do is email [email protected] & give us your name, contact details, the item(s) you are donating, & their approximate value (so that we may be able to maximize our fundraising potential). DOMO ARIGATOU, MINNA!!!!


Q: How does bidding actually happen?
A: It all takes place on Main Stage. With music playing quietly in the background, our chosen hosts take turns selecting items for TAKII attendees to bid on. Starting bids can't be any lower than what the item value is & can be any increments the host deems appropriate (or that bidders feel is necessary to win the item). Once the host goes "going once, going twice, SOLD", the winner & their final bid are announced. Afterwards, said winner will pay for their item & only after that may they receive it.

Q: How are we to pay for the items & by when?
A: We will only be able to accept cash for the items that you successfully bid on. Payment will be due as soon as the auction itself closes.

Q: Are there ATMs located nearby?
A: Without a doubt! Within a 1-2 block radius of The Rotunda you will be able to take out the funds necessary from your bank accounts & bid with confidence.

Q: Are there any refunds?
A: All "Auction Royale" bids are final, non-negotiable, & non-refundable.
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