Festivity Focus: AMV Battle Royale

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Festivity Focus: AMV Battle Royale

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If you plan on entering your AMV in TAKII 24's "AMV Battle Royale", please make sure that you have read what the contest entails, what your basic guidelines are, & have filled out the official entry form:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 30th, 2017
ENTRY FORM URL: http://www.pdnmz.com/forms/index.php?sid=75457&newtest=Y&lang=en

Here are the complete "AMV Battle Royale" Guidelines:

* Rules/Restrictions
o 1 AMV per category; no submitting the same AMV in multiple categories.
o All decisions in regard to this competition are final.
o Be creative & take it to the extreme!
o Your entry signifies that you have read all of the available rules & that you aren't breaking any restrictions that apply (which could result in, but not limited to, entry termination).

* Tech Specs
o All audio must be in an uncompressed, MP3, WMA, or DivX Audio format.
o All video, if not burned to VCD/DVD, must be in an uncompressed AVI, DiVX, MPEG, MPEG 4, MKV, or RM format. Con-standard resolutions & frame rates will apply
o Time duration of your entry shall not exceed 6 minutes.
o TAKII Coordinators will not be responsible for coding/editing your submission for you. Once it has been submitted, it becomes your final edit.

* Judging
o TAKII Coordinators & other designated judges reserve the right to screen all entries before they become a part of our "AMV Battle Royale" playlist at TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~ & deny the public viewing of an AMV because of, but not limited to, time constraints & adherence to these rules.
o These same judges will score each "AMV Battle Royale" entry on a scale of 1 (lowest) - 100 (highest), based upon creativity, originality, judge's preference, & adherence to these rules.
o At TAKII 24, attendees will vote on their favorite entries for all of our available categories. The AMV to get the most votes in each "AMV Battle Royale" Championship Category will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the AMV with the highest average judge score will win.
o Detailed voting/scoring results will be made available at the conclusion of "AMV Battle Royale" during TAKII 24, as well as afterwards on the official TAKII website.

* Submissions/Deadlines
o All entries, regardless of submission method, MUST be accompanied by the official "AMV Battle Royale" Entry Form (located above)
o You are responsible for fees related to the production & handling of your entry
o SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 30th, 2017
+ Online: http://www.pdnmz.com/forms/index.php?si ... =Y&lang=en
# AMV must be downloadable on your webspace, or another video hosting source.
+ Postal Mail: ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING: TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~ (RE: "AMV Battle Royale"), 7112 Penarth Ave., Upper Darby, PA, 19082, USA
# AMV must be burned to a DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-DL, or DVD+DL, adhere to the aforementioned audio/video formats, & accompanied by a copy of the online submission form.

* Championship Categories
+ A freestyle AMV that stretches the confines of reality to a true TAKII extreme
+ VIDEO REQUIREMENTS: It must consist of a majority of Asian-themed visuals
+ AUDIO REQUIREMENTS: You may use any audio source you'd like
+ All other "AMV Battle Royale" rules/restrictions apply

+ An AMV challenge of epic proportions that must adhere to the following:
+ VIDEO REQUIREMENTS: You can only use footage from TAKII 24's theme(s)
+ AUDIO REQUIREMENTS: You may use any audio source you'd like
+ All other "AMV Battle Royale" rules/restrictions apply

Some FAQ for "AMV Battle Royale":

Q: How are AMVs going to be judged for TAKII 24?
A: See above.

Q: What is an AMV?
A: "AMV" stands for "Animated Music Video", combining clips from popular Anime shows & the like (of Asian influence) with a song of the creator's choosing.

Q: Can we include other video clips besides just Anime?
A: As long as a majority of the AMV is of the Anime persuasion, other Asian-themed clips can be used.

Q: If we submit online, can we link you to a place to download the AMV?
A: Yes, you may do so. SendSpace (http://sendspace.com) is a great place to do so w/o compromising too much quality. YouTube (http://youtube.com) is a nice option to rely on when all else fails, but be careful about entry quality being compromised under any circumstance. Also be mindful that not all multimedia uploading sites are friendly to material you don't own formal copyrights to, no matter how intelligent your argument may be otherwise.

Q: Can we fill out an entry form online, but submit the video @ TAKII 24?
A: NO, all entries must be received by the contest deadline (December 30th, 2017), no exceptions.

Q: Can we submit an AMV other than our own (ie: finding one on YouTube)?
A: No; it's not hard to verify that kind of thing, either. Honesty is the best policy ^_^.

Q: If we are sending our AMV through postal mail, what are we to do about the online form?
A: You still have to submit the form online, then print a copy of the form itself & include it with the disc you are sending to us.

Q: If we have subtitles/watermarks in our submission, is that a good thing?
A: If they are subtitles to introduce your entry, then it's fine. If it's subtitles/watermarks from a fansub or otherwise, it's not the worst thing in the world (but it's also not encouraged & tends to leave your AMV looking tacky & annoying).

Q: Can we submit our entry on VHS tape, or any other method not outlined in the guidelines?
A: The short answer would be "no". The long answer would be "noooooooooooooooo" ^_^.

Con-Standard AMV Guides: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides
AMV Hell, A Great Fan Community: http://www.amvhell.com
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