Debut Focus: Kroze


Debut Focus: Kroze

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A last minute addition to the roster of guests for TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~ is non other than Kroze! He will be among our distinguished judges for the "TAKII 24 Show" & is sure to be a treat for everyone in attendance. Here's a bit more info on Kroze, in his own words:

"Anthony Kroze Kresky is a New Jersey escapee (We've tried to push him back into his bottle but have had no luck thus far) who specializes in new media production & promotion. He has recently entered the realm of professional voice acting. A frequent innovator, voice actor, & talent spotter, over the years Kroze has been involved in many internet related shows such as Red vs. Blue, Team Four Star, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, Eden: The Zhang Chronicles, Loading Ready Run & their charity "Desert Bus for Hope", as well as many smaller excursions in both creative & management positions within said productions. Kroze also helped create the popular Halo 3 gametype "Grifball" which went on to become a lasting addition into the hit Halo video game franchise in the succeeding entries of the series. In his spare time, Kroze also writes for popular culture website where he has interviewed many manner of actors over the years. Kroze also considers himself a comedian despite how many times being told just making puns all the time doesn't actually make him funny... or even liked... (He tries to use Hal Sparks as a defense but lets face it, does anyone REALLY enjoy Hal Sparks? REALLY?). Currently, Kroze can be found performing with his new geeky rock project: Survivors of the PC. Kroze is also the co-host of Name Not Final, a weekly radio show & podcast which takes a look at video gaming, bleeding edge technology, & popular culture from an inside perspective".

NAME NOT FINAL (Kroze's weekly podcast):
SURVIVORS OF THE PC (Kroze's geeky Rock project):

Learn MORE about our other "Brand-New Debuts" this season:
Kroze's bio pic!
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