Coalition Volunteer Primer


Coalition Volunteer Primer

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Being an in-person &/or online volunteer member of the Team TAKII Coalition isn't an easy task, but it is one in which is absolutely vital to the continued success of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational. What started out as a 1-person organization has grown into a support staff in the dozens, with many others becoming more interested to serve all-year-round. In terms of Team TAKII hierarchy, there are only a few basic levels: coordinator (senior-level support that is responsible for all coalitions & is the final word on all decisions to be made), dedicated staff (junior-level support that works closely with coordinators to carry out the tasks of their respective coalitions on a consistently seasonal basis), & casual staff (beginner-level support that assists dedicated staff & their respective coalitions on an infrequently seasonal basis). And no matter what level you participate in (or move up/down to), you can be an in-person or an online volunteer -- be as flexible as you possibly can!

- Filling out our "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form:
- Once your App has been received & processed, you will need to join all of our social networking hubs & "friend" TAKII:
- There are no age restrictions on your being a Team TAKII Coalition Member beyond what our "Rules & Regulations" say about festival attendees in general:
- Understand that these are volunteer-only positions (not hourly, salaried, etc.) & that regardless of status you are the faces of TAKII that exemplify the best of those who serve as Team TAKII Coalition Members.
- Be able to participate in a majority of the meetings/strategy sessions you are scheduled to participate in during a given season.
- In order to be considered a casual staffer, you will need to have participated in at least 1 season of TAKII within a 1 year period.
- In order to be considered a dedicated staffer, you will need to have achieved the level of "casual staffer" with a promotion recommendation from another dedicated staffer & vote of approval from the coordinators.
- In order to be considered a coordinator, you will need to have achieved the level of "dedicated staffer" with a promotion recommendation from another coordinator & a vote of approval from TAKII Founder/Lead Coordinator, D-chan.

- "Historic Archives" Coalition (
---- Making record of each season of TAKII upon its conclusion by including multimedia, fan feedback, staff perspectives, & recipients of all awards & prizes given.
---- Making record of each stop on the TAKII World Tour upon its conclusion by including multimedia, fan feedback, staff perspectives, & recipients of all awards & prizes given.
---- Encourage archived discussion of past seasons within our "TAKII Forum".
---- Devise methods by which the story of past TAKII seasons & stops on our World Tour can be shared well beyond the confines of our official website.
- "Registration" Coalition (
---- Heavily promote all pre-reg deadlines for #1 Contender's Passes & Vendor Table Slots on any form of social media possible.
---- Educate people online & in-person (ie: stops on the TAKII World Tour, other cons you visit, etc.) about the importance of #1 Contender's Passes & Vendor Table Slots.
---- Assist in putting together content for both our Hardcore Handbooks & Hardcore Handbags.
---- Staff "Registration Centrale" during the TAKII festival in pre-determined shifts by selling #1 Contender's Passes & Raffle Royale/Raffle Royale PLUS tickets, making sure everyone properly checks in, enforcing all registration-related policies at all times.
- "Festivities" Coalition (
---- Help come up with sets of "TAKII Coordinator Classix" & "TAKII Family Favorites" programming for each festivity category.
---- Encourage people to fill out "X-Treme X-Posé Panel Apps" forms & help them to facilitate their own panels during each season of TAKII.
---- Staff as many of our festivities during the festival as possible (in pre-determined shifts) & help in giving awards & prizes.
---- Participate in any festival feedback-related panels as deemed necessary (in-person & online) & provide invaluable insight on a festivity's inner-workings.
- "Guests & Performers" Coalition (
---- Gather suggestions from Team TAKII Coalition Members & TAKII fanatics alike for which guests & performers should appear during any given season of TAKII.
---- Reach out to pre-approved guests & performers on behalf of TAKII to gauge their interest in appearing using coordinator-approved materials & have them sign a TAKII Talent Agreement upon their formal acceptance (on an as-needed basis).
---- Help to coordinate travel & lodging requirements for our guests & performers, as well as any other stipulations per their signed TAKII Talent Agreement (if applicable & on an as-needed basis).
---- Be a clear line of communication between our guests & performers VS all other aspects of TAKII (in-person & online).
- "Locale & Directions" Coalition (
---- Provide at-venue security & maintenance services during any TAKII event (including, but not limited to a season of our fusion festival).
---- Make sure the information on our "Locale & Directions" page remains accurate (proper city & venue bios, best links for hotels, legit travel/driving directions, etc.).
---- Be available to assist guests & performers with any stage set-up they may require at a TAKII function (ie: tables & chairs arranged for panels, mic stands adjusted for stage performances, etc.).
---- An ability quickly identify &share potential security/facility concerns to your "Locale & Directions" Co-Coordinator in a fast & efficient manner.
- "Interaction" Coalition (
---- Strongly encourage people to attend/interact with any & all TAKII-related functions (including festivals & the TAKII World Tour).
---- Become the driving force behind our seasonal pushes for Team TAKII Coalition Memberships (especially the purchase of Coalition Sponsorships).
---- Craft & mass-promote all press-related media (including but not limited to press releases, wallpapers, primers, etc.).
---- Seek out & establish (with TAKII Coordinator approval) other social networking presences & alternative ways for TAKII to actively engage its supporters & fans.

---- Preferred banner placement for your website on a wide variety of our official pages.
---- Free #1 Contender's Passes for each Coalition Member who staffs at least 1 full day of TAKII (1 day = hours of operation divided by the days of TAKII there are).
---- Invitations to our bi-annual "Domo Arigatou Party".
---- Exclusive discounts to PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience & other TAKII affiliates/sponsors.
---- Ability to make use of "staff only" resources in-person & online (ie: staff rooms at a season of TAKII, staff swag, access to off-limits "TAKII Forum" topics, etc.).
---- Earning the right to rise in rank (depending on the level of your commitment & recommendations made).
---- Being able to participate in our "Guest & Performer Brunch-N-Munch" during seasons of TAKII.
---- Access to participating in a variety of Team TAKII Coalition Membership-building activities (ie: trips to Chinatown, staff workshops, etc.).

Being a Team TAKII Coalition Member (specifically a volunteer) is an ever-evolving thing. With that being said, keep in mind that while the above lists what is expected, required, & rewarded to those that help us, it can be modified at any time, with or without notice (ie: adding subgroups to different coalitions, increasing the rewards given, etc.). In short, as The Asian Karaoke Idol invitational continues to evolve, so will our Team TAKII Coalition volunteer program for the benefit of all involved. We look forward to working with as man of you as possible in the seasons, years, & generations yet to come! ^_^

Frequently Asked Questions
(questions? concerns? see below, or email [email protected] today!)

Q: Are there any age restrictions in being any kind of staffer at any level?
A: We are firm believers that people should be judged on much more than their age & the stereotype(s) that may come with it. At the same time, we are not going to ask a 10 year-old to be venue security (though the TAKII Family is tough, FYI ^_^). The "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form does a very good job in defining what one's role within the fusion festival could potentially be (at least for starters).

Q: Are the rewards listed the only rewards Team TAKII Staff can expect to receive?
A: The short answer: no. Those are only some of the most common rewards staffers who live up their responsibilities & potential can expect to receive, as each staffing coalition may come with its own set of additional perks (as defined by Team TAKII Coordinators & various other staff).

Q: If I've been staffing TAKII for a while, do I need to keep filling out a "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form?
A: As long as you have volunteered in some way with us for at least 1 season within a calendar year, keep your info up to date, & fulfill all of your other TAKII commitments (if applicable), filling out another form becomes unnecessary.

Q: Can we help other staffing coalitions that aren't associated with the one(s) I'm already in?
A: ABSOLUTELY; as a matter of fact, we encourage it! Many hands make work "light" & with some of the most brilliant minds in Asian culture fandom working as Team TAKII Coalition Members, no goal is beyond our collective reach!

Q: Can Team TAKII Staff take part in festivities during a season of TAKII or while on the TAKII World Tour?
A: Again we say....ABSOLUTELY; as a matter of fact, we encourage it! This festival was started by a fan (yours truly), is managed by fans (all of you guys), & is enjoyed by fans (all of us -- the collective TAKII Family), so we all deserve to celebrate the spectacle that us The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational! Depending on the festivity, however, there may be limits placed on what staff is eligible to win (so as to not create a conflict of interest).

Q: If I don't see a way on this page how I can volunteer for TAKII, can I fill out a "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form anyway?
A: You most certainly can! We want to work with as many of you as possible who share our unparalleled passion for Asian culture fandom & if you can come up with an idea that would help us at all, we are all ears!
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