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Coalition Apps

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Fusion festival fans aren't the only ones who enjoy themselves when it comes time for The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational to throw a celebration like none-other. Staffers & sponsors combined, known as Team TAKII Coalition Members, have just as much fun putting this madness together in the 1st place!! By filling out a "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form, you become 1 step closer to working with "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" in a variety of ways, crafting a relationship that becomes more mutually-beneficial as time goes by.

Just some friendly FYIs before you fill out a "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form:

- If you have volunteered in at least 2 of the most recent seasons of TAKII in a row & filled out a form, doing so again is not necessary.
- We try to be as flexible as possible with everyone's assignments, so don't be shy in telling us what you are capable of doing!
- This isn't a "holier-than-thou" group of individuals; be prepared to get your hands dirty, so to speak! Elitist attitudes aren't appreciated or tolerated.
- More info on what it means to be a Team TAKII volunteer can be found in our "Coalition Volunteer Primer":

- All levels of sponsorship include the following flavors (depending on the level): mentions in all of our press releases, your branded logo going on our #1 Contender's Passes, ad space in our Hardcore Handbook, your promo materials being included in our Hardcore Handbags, name recognition for sponsoring a particular festivity (or group of them), & placement of ad materials in & around TAKII's seasonal venue.
- Some modes of sponsorship may require that you send us your materials for their inclusion in your Coalition Sponsorship (ie: your goodies to go in our Hardcore Handbags, a banner for us to hang at TAKII's venue, etc.). Others may simply require that you tell us where we can download your promo materials. Please pay attention to each flavor's requirements, as we can't be held responsible for incomplete Coalition Sponsorships.
- Payments (which are non-refundable) for all Coalition Sponsorships will be handled through a PayPal invoice to be sent to the email address you included on your "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form. They are due no later than 7 days after you've sent in your form, or before the last day of pre-regging for a season of TAKII, whichever comes 1st. Payments not received in the specified period of time will result in your Coalition Sponsorship being rejected.
- More info on what becoming an official sponsor means can be found in our "Coalition Sponsorship Primer":

The "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form only takes a few moments of your time to review & fill out. If you have a concern that isn't addressed by filling it out, please email: [email protected], or go to the "Contact Centrale" portion of the TAKII site to get in touch with the appropriate section/department.
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