OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review


OFFICIAL Play-By-Play Review

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1 - TITLE: Miyacon
2 - DATE, TIME, & VENUE: June 2nd, 2007 @ Old Pine Community Center (401 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA 19147)
3 - WORLD TOUR FESTIVITIES: "Say WTF Karaoke", "DJ D-chan Presents", "TAKII Show", & "D-chan LIVE"


After saying his goodbyes to everyone at the Central Bucks East Mini-Con earlier that afternoon, D-chan & his TAKII Roadie (& close personal friend), Mikey Z., drove down to South Philly for Miyacon, held at the spacious Old Pine Community Center on June 2nd, 2007. As soon as the TAKII World Tour arrived, Simmee (the girl that D-chan mentored for Miyacon) & her asisstant were right there, helping him & Mikey Z. unload all of the TAKII World Tour's DJ-ing/performance equipment into the venue (their help was greatly appreciated ^_^). When everyone finally walked into the Community Center, the 1st person to greet D-chan is KojiroJames, otherwise known as "That Team Rocket Guy" in cosplay circles. He is a supporter of local events & a hardcore TAKII extremist, shouting "Hey Pink Lady!!!" (This was in relation to TAKII's tribute to Pink Lady, where D-chan dressed up as Kei).

ANYWHO, after everyone was settled, the TAKII World Tour got underway, as D-chan was DJ-ing the remainder of the day & sang along to some of his favorite performance pieces (such as Pink Lady's "Wanted", BoA's "Love & Honesty", & Hagane no Renkinjutsushi's "Melissa"). The "TAKII Show" was alive & well, where the prize was putting smiles on the faces of all Miyacon-goers (....& of course, some TAKII & Miyacon swag ^_^). There was 1 young man who got up to sing some DDR song for "Say WTF Karaoke" & his interpretation was so unique, that not only did he have himself laghing, but everyone at Miyacon was in complete stitches!! While people were enjoying the TAKII World Tour, others, got to participate in some classic "Gaming Festivities".

D-chan ended up getting to play in a Soulcalibur 3 tournament on PS2. His master character is Ivy & he wasted no time in showing who's boss at Miyacon! However, he then goes into a match against Miyacon Chairwoman, Simmee, as Voldo; big mistake (LOL). After leaping all over the board in typical Voldo fashion, Simmee, as Kilik, is able to maneuver past D-chan & knock him off of the edge of the screen for the win! It was at that point that D-chan challenged her to an extreme bout of Soulcalibur 3 at TAKII 4 ~Rhythm D-Generation X-Treme~ & he was able to finally defeat her, returning the favor :-P. Simmee would go on to become 1 of TAKII's most trusted Team TAKII Coalition Members in a variety of positions & maintains a strong friendship with D-chan to this day. Who might see Miyacon back someday, miina-san ^_*!

To complete your full retrospective of the TAKII World Tour's stop(s) at Miyacon, please visit its official home at our "Historic Archives":
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